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The Manchester (UK) Experience

I went back to Manchester for New Year’s Eve. It’s the third time I visited this city in the UK. My sister and her family live there so I have been going back and forth to Manchester the past year. Its only an hour flight from Amsterdam and rather cheap for hopping over for a few days / long weekend. So yes, this is my third time there and I haven’t written anything about this city yet.

Before my trip I told a friend of mine I was spending New Year’s in Manchester. This person is a pretty well traveled person but he told me he had never been there and it didn’t really attract him to go there. I told him Manchester is very beautiful, the city is picturesque with great vintage shops and lovely restaurants and lounges. He said he thought it was more industrial. Well, it is, but the city, especially the Northern Quarter is absolutely lovely.

Manchester is more than just football, Manchester United. The shopping center is great and they even have an “Eye of Manchester”. Like London does. A lot smaller of course but still. The architecture in this city is amazing and you can just see the history in the stones of the buildings. The churches, the library.

Manchester is a must see if you ever visit the UK and decide to see more than just London. The weather is pretty much shitty like in Amsterdam, but hey, its a change of environment for me, other than visiting my loved ones haha. But yeah, I recommend the summer time, even though I’ve only been here in winter time all three times I was here. The christmas market is great though. Yes, Manchester is great to spend a few days at for relaxing, shopping, good food and some history.

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