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The San Jose & New Jersey Experience

Mid January, I decided to fly out on a whim. Destination: San Francisco, CA. But I was going to stay in San Jose for a few days, to later fly out to New Jersey for a few days. Yes, very random some may say, but my reasons involved loved ones so that always guarantees a good experience, even if a short one.

My direct flight from Amsterdam to San Francisco was a fast one as we experienced tail winds. Within 9,5 hours, instead of said 11 hours, I found myself stepping into a much warmer environment than the snowy one I left from. Going from 15F to 68F in the middle of January was not something I felt bad about. Off the plane, I had the driver waiting for me and he took me straight to downtown San Jose. A love place, as I had only been there once, in the middle of the night in a club, 10+ years ago. Knowing I found myself in the capital of Silicon Valley, got the geek in me fuzzy and warm inside as well as the outside temperature.

Staying at the Fairmont Hotel was absolute luxury. As exhausted as I was, I was too excited to take a nap. I got up at 7 am in Amsterdam and arrived at the hotel around 3.30 pm, California time. Meaning it was already past midnight for me. Still, I had to stretch my day even longer because we had two shows to go to that evening, at the San Jose Improv.

I met up with my friend Melvin and his fiancée Primal (congrats guys!) at the Improv and watched Freez Luv and Charlie Murphy take down the audience w/ laughter and screams. During the second show that evening, I found myself drifting off in a chair in a corner upstairs, trying to stay awake. By the time we got back to the hotel, it must have been at least noon the next day for my body. Needless to say I crashed in the big fluffy hotel bed.

The next day I got up late and had to go outside to find some medicine for my allergies, that were waking me up all night. Wondering the streets of San Jose to find a Walgreens, I’ve learned two things about this city. 1) The skating scene is huge. Everywhere I walked, there were skaters occupying the streets with tricks and speed. 2) The people here can’t give directions if their life depended on it. But that’s ok, my adventurous nature loves wondering off in strange places, finding my way by myself.

That evening, I met up with one of my closest friends, Lori, who happened to be in San Francisco visiting her family. Last I seen her was in the summer when she stayed with me for a month. She brought her friend Joy to the show and we absolutely had a blast that evening.

The next day, even though I was still jetlagged and tired, we decided to go see Django at the movie theatre. It was pretty quiet because the 49-ers were playing. Everywhere people in football jerseys on the streets, but we sat in the theatre to watch Django. Again, needless to say I again found myself drifting away in the last half hour of the movie. Luckily, I had seen it already. After the movie we went to eat at McCormick & Schmick’s, a seafood restaurant I had never heard of. It was really good though but of course, the food instantly put me to sleep. The restaurant was right below our hotel so we hopped back in the room and knocked out.

The next morning we flew back to New Jersey. It was so cold outside though that I pretty much stayed in the house those days. At one point I wanted to walk the dog because it was so nice outside, but it was about 5F and even with gloves on, holding the leash was just torture. The dog did his thing and practically RAN back to the house when he was finished, too cold for him too haha. The woods are a beautiful place but I think I may do the long walks in warmer weather next time. 😉

It was a nice week of relaxation (although the jetlag messed me up), and being with friends and loved ones. This was definitely one of the nicer travel experiences, even though I didn’t really get my “culture on”. Sometimes, its about spending quiet time with the people you love.

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